‘Sit back and ENJOY sipping a cup of tea’, is where Herbal Tea from Sound of Scent starting off in the land of Siam. Our studies and experiences from local herbs let us know about the SECRET of the natural plants around us,which we love. We love herbs, pureness, recipe, and imagination.

All of our RECIPES have been created from our hearts, and care. Each herb has its own benefits for us to cure and strengthen our health. We love to see ourselves and everyone to have strong health with the nature care.

We will continue our PASSION to create beneficial recipes with enjoyable taste. If you haven’t tasted our Sound of Scent Herbal Tea, you can contact with our team to ask for the samples, and enjoy.

Either you are Tea Lovers, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Retailers, Specialty Shops, or our Fans, we would love to offer the friendly service with our well-selected quality blends of herbs that we love.